Looking for Farrier Services?

We have taken our passion for horses and built a business that runs on reliability, compassion, expertise, and ingenuity.
We serve GTA and all surrounding areas in Ontario. We are mobile so we will travel to you in order to give your animals the care they need. Flexible appointment times available.


Why Choose Us


Dedicated to providing only the highest excellence in hoof care,  dependability, and honesty.
Mountain Oak is ready to accommodate individual horse owners or your large barn.
We work on all breeds and provide everything from corrective shoeing to custom shoe design to meet your horse’s needs.
Our job is to make your horses as comfortable as possible.


What People are Saying…

My horse, like so many, has problematic “feet”.
It has taken 4 years since moving to the GTA to finally find a farrier truly understanding of the concept of working with rather than against the natural anatomy of the horse.
My horse is currently training Prix St George with feet now so well balanced and cared for, that he is able to do it barefoot!
Thanks to Mountain Oak Farriers.

Pat Wilson

What has placed Mountain Oak Farriers well ahead of their competitors is their level of highly skilled equine hoof care.
The professional approach towards operating their business has been an extra bonus. A few examples which we have experienced are how they effectively listen to our needs as a customer, asking questions concentrating on what we really saying, checking back regularly to see how things are going. They are extremely efficient in all aspects of their business.
Ron and Michelle have made us feel important and appreciated, and always give more than expected when it comes to the care of our horses. We highly recommend their services; they have been a breath of fresh air in this industry, thank-you Ron and Michelle.

Liz Veldman

Prospective Client?

As a new client, you can expect to be scheduled within two weeks of your inquiry, if your horses are due within that time.
Please contact us to schedule your next appointment.

Thank you for your interest in Mountain Oak Farrier Services!
P.S. Just Remember a Happy Horse, makes a Happy Owner!